Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Daniel Strausser at Naturpark Raab

15. Aug 2018
20. Aug 2018
849,00 EUR
Südburgenland - Naturpark Raab
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15. Aug 201814:0022:00
16. Aug 201807:0022:00
17. Aug 201807:0022:00
18. Aug 201807:0022:00
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20. Aug 201807:0014:00

Thank you all participants of our Yoga and Meditation Retreat in August 2017!
We are happy to let you know our plans for next year -
again we will offer our Yoga and Meditation Retreat at the beautiful Naturidyll Hotel Landhofmühle in South of Styria! 
When: August 15th to 20th
plus perfect to prepare: Initation at Amazing Yoga Vienna August 11th to 12th

Our retreat 2017 was fully booked - in order to safe your spot - please send us your registration in time.


During this retreat Daniel will guide you into a deep state of meditation
by using the techniques of Hatha Yoga (asana, vinyasa, pranayama, mudra and bandha)
in a systematic and scientific way that will allow for you to reconnect with your innermost core;
where the peace, love and beauty of your divine soul dwell.

This is the way of traditional yoga;
to shift your consciousness from the gross to the subtle,
from confusion to clarity;
from matter to spirit.

In the beginning of the retreat we will focus more on bodywork and verbal instructions.
But as the program evolve and your consciousness expands there will be less verbal instructions and less body work preformed.
Instead you will simply meditate in silence, peace and stillness.
Bodywork like asana will still be included to keep the body comfortable, but it will be gentle and comforting – not like a sweaty yoga class. Also Pranayama will be practiced throughout the retreat to energice and channel your energy for deep meditation and mental rejuvination.

During the retreat Daniel will interpret and share his experience of the practices and philosophy
of the three main sanskrit scriptures of Hatha Yoga;
Gheranda Samhita, Siva Samhita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

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Surely you will return home after this program filled with inspiration, clarity and a new set of tools
that will be invaluable on the journey towards living a more conscious, fulfilling and spiritual life.

The program is open to yogis of all traditions
who wish to deepen their practice 
and understanding of yoga, meditation and themselves.

landhofmuhle landschaft



is expected at 14:00 on the  15/8 and we will follow the schedule after below 15:00.
We will the stick to the schedule until the departure day when we follow untill lunch at 11:00.
Please note that the schedule might be adapted to fit the needs and ablities of the group.


Meditation 07:00 
Tea/Fruit/Break 08:00
Yoga 08:30
Lunch (Main Meal) 11:00
Tea or Walking Meditation 12:30
Tea/Fruit/Break 15:00
Yoga 17:00
Dinner 19:00
Meditation 20:30
Good Night 22:00









Silence – During the retreat there will be periods of silence. During these times Daniel will continue to guide yoga and we will all practice together so you will not be left alone. The silence is not difficult or painful; it will effortlessly manifest as a result of of the practice.

Food – Simple vegetarian food will be served two times a day. Apart from this there will be fruits and tea available. When you meditate deeply your pulse, breathing and digestion will slow down and you cannot digest the amount of food you normally eat. The food served will be more than enough and conductive to the practice. If you have any allergies or food concerns kindly let us know when you sign up.

Intention – The aim of the program is to experience the deeper aspects of yoga and to learn the methodology of traditional yoga and meditation as it has been taught for centuries before Yoga came to the west.

Student – Previous experience of yoga is necessary to join this program but you need not be a master. As long as you can follow a normal yoga class where sun salutations and basic asanas are practiced and you are able to sit still for 20 minutes there will be no problem. If you did not join any of Daniels programs before we kindly ask to join his workshop or other programs before the retreat
for initiation - that way you and the whole group will get the most out of his deep program. 
You will find more infos about Daniels programs at the end of this text and on


daniel profil2Teacher – Daniel shows the deeper dimensions of yoga and meditation to yoga-teachers and dedicated students globally. He has lived for several years in the Indian Himalayas where his 84-year old Guru initiated him into an ancient brotherhood of yogis in 2001. He has also studied yoga at Bernaras Hindu University in Varanasi and lived for a couple of years as a Brahmachari (monk) He has spent more than two years isolated in silent meditation and have practiced and taught all modern styles of yoga for more than fifteen years.

For further information about Daniel have a look at his homepage:



Tea Ceremony

During the retreat Daniel will also offer tea ceremonies with rare and exclusive chinese tea. The tea, mainly Puer and Wuyi, is supportive of health and meditation. During the ceremony Daniel talk about yoga philosphy, meditation, tea and spiritual life in the modern world or we simply enjoy our tea silently in medTEAtation. The cost for the tea is included in your investment.

The whole program, including accomodation, food, yoga, meditation and tea will be held at the beautiful 

Naturidyll Hotel Landhofmühle

 landhofmuhle hofmittisch

The cost for accomodation per night is €41 (plus € 1,50 Ortstaxe) per person in a double room, or €51 (plus € 1,50 Ortstaxe) for a single room. Kindy understand that there are limited numbers of single rooms. 

landhofmuhle zimmer

Our main meal of the day will be served at 11:00 after our morning practices,
and a light dinner will be served at 19:00.
Tea, fruits and a and little snacks for breakfast (we need to be able to practice after)
and tea and a cake in the afternoon will be available.
(At arrival day we will have our main meal at 19:00)
price for all meals: € 164,-

All meals will be vegetarian/vegan as meat, coffee, alcohol and ciggaretts are not allowed during this program.
Chocolate is allowed, provided you share it with Daniel ;)


daniel blank

The price for the whole yoga program is € 480,-

Please send an email to Petra Janata to apply for the program.

She will confirm your application and help you with further information. 
After your application has been approved we kindly ask you to contact Mrs. Fartek and reserve your room.
After your hotel reservation has been completed kindly get back to Petra to finalize your reservation.

Frau Fartek - Hotel Landhofmühle:
Tel. +43 (0)3329 - 2814

Payment for food and accomodation will be given directly to the Hotel Landhofmühle.
Payment for the program is given to Daniel (in an envelope with your name on) on the first session of the retreat.

Terms of Cancellation:
If you cancel your participation after June 15th you need to pay the full amount for accomodationd and yoga anyways.
You can send a replacement, who have not yet signed up for the event,
but due to our expenses we can not offer any refund after the 15th of June.


Teachings Before & After the Retreat
Retreat at Haus der Stille/Styria: April 27-30
Workshop at Amazing Yoga Vienna: Mai 1st
Initation at Amazing Yoga Vienna: August 11-12.

More programs in and around Vienna/Austria might follow.

In order to join a retreat with Daniel we strongly recommand to join the initiantion from August 11 to 12  
so the retreat group can start together in an already deep and equal level
and you and the whole group will get the most out of his program. 

Taken together, these programs offer you a rare opportunity to dive very deeply
into the practice of yoga and meditation with an experienced teacher.  

daniel serving tea




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Initation with Daniel Strausser
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unlock the hidden potential
of powerful Yoga techniques 

Yoga & Meditation Retreat with 
Daniel Strausser at Naturpark Raab
15. bis 20. August


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