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8. Jan 2020
24. Jun 2020
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Sensit Yoga
with Maja Zilih

Wednesday 19:00-20:45

Sensit Yoga is a practice of presence and awareness through mindful and sensitive movement. It involves listening and feeling ourselves on a deeper level and discovering our inner sources of strength, creativity and freedom.

In Sensit Yoga, the healing of body-mind happens through a cultivation of gentle and supportive inner relationship, listening to our body, and being guided by its wisdom. We study and understand our body-mind more intimately through a direct experience of our bones, muscles, fascia, organs, glands and the ever-changing states of our nervous system. 

We become aware of the body as a whole, as well as the connections between particular inner spaces and structures. This awareness brings forth an optimally supported inner organisation, which can then be expressed in any physical shape, form, or movement - be it sitting, walking, running, yoga postures or other.

When we move with relaxed presence and increased sensitivity, the body signals which places accumulate unnecessary tension. In Sensit Yoga we learn to release this tension by directing our attention and breath, by initiating movement from different points in the body, and by utilizing our relationship to gravity in particular ways.

When the energy that was holding the accumulated tension gets unleashed, the result is an energized, joyful and effortless way of moving and being.


maja zilih sea


This is an open class. You can drop in 15 min before start. 
Please have a look at our schedule for possible replacements. 
During holidays we have a different schedule.

Price: you can use all cards of Amazing Yoga

More about Maja´s teaching: 

Maja´s method integrates different styles of yoga as she:

- combines dynamism with meditative and mindful approach to asana,
- teaches detailed and concrete alignment techniques in a way that students can comprehend and apply
- links movement with inner awareness, and
- always inspires students to approach yoga as a way of life.

She is most interested in exploring the ways in which physical practice, breath, mind observation and yoga philosophy can all be combined and used in everyday challenges that life presents.

In Maja’s classes, the practice of yoga and life itself become one and the same. Yoga becomes a tool for healing all human relationships, including the relationship with oneself. It contributes to the emotional maturity of the individual and brings about the spiritual elevation and growth of the collective.

Maja Zilih (E-RYT 500), a founder of Athens Yoga Center,
currently living and teaching in Vienna, Austria, teaches yoga and educates yoga teachers on both basic and advanced levels.

Maja is a passionate explorer of yoga as a process of human healing and growth. Her life and teaching are dedicated to connecting with people with presence and care. Her Sensit Yoga method consists of applicable, mindful, and embodied approach to physical movement. She invites students to experience asana as a platform for self inquiry and exploration. Each individual is invited to work at their own pace and within their field of comfort, so that the learning takes place with increased sensitivity and heightened awareness.    

Sensit Yoga is inspired by Maja's many years of Hatha Yoga practice and teaching, as well as experiential anatomy learning through Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais and other methods of conscious exploration. She has been directing Yoga Teacher Training Programmes 200hr, 300hr, and 500hr, as well as continuing education modules, workshops and retreats in Athens, Greece, and Vienna, Austria.  

Maja's note:

The outside world is merely a reflection of our inner state. Increasingly integrating (the seemingly scattered) parts of the self through yoga and other awareness practices, we begin to see the profound connections and interdependence everywhere we look. From the separation dream, we gradually wake up to the fact that our individual spiritual growth is both contributing to, and strongly dependent on the degree of the evolution of the collective. Whether through meditation, mindful asana practice, aware parenting, acts of self-nurture, being in service to the underprivileged, or through simple random acts of kindness, yoga truly comes alive when the context behind our actions is a desire to contribute to the elevation of consciousness of the humanity as a whole.  


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Maja Zilih



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