Know Thyself - Retreat in Thailand

16. Nov 2019
30. Nov 2019
800,00 EUR

Know Thyself

16th Nov to 30th of Nov


Intention: This winter we will develop and use the ancient tools of Yoga, Meditation, Gong Fu Cha (Ceremonial Tea Drinking) and Satsang (Channeling Spiritual Insights) together. Our intention here is to become more aware of our inner life and connect with our higher self in order to see life more clearly from a plesant, peaceful and more moral, ethical, spiritual and conscious perspective.

Content: Our Yoga will consist of Asana, Vinyasa, Mudra, Bandha and Pranayama to achieve the “calmly active and actively calm” state of body and mind that is crucial for deeper meditation. We will meditate on internal sounds, lights and vibrations in our bodies that will lead us towards our spiritual core and enlighten our minds and heal us from our ills.

Schedule: Between the morning yoga and the afternoon meditation we will enjoy a healthy and home cooked vegetarian lunch (= slightly spicy Thai Food.) To carry the momentum from the morning session into the afternoon, and to help us digest the food properly, we will preform Gong Fu Cha (meditative and ceremonial tea drinking) after lunch in the garden. We begin each day at 8am and finish at 4pm.

Free Day: One day a week we will only do half day (Yoga and Lunch) and then you can go sightseeing, enjoy massage or come with us to our tea farm in the jungle 90 minutes outside of the city; if you care to learn more about how tea relates to the meditative eastern traditions; or just to experience amazing nature.

Sessions & Location: The Sessions (Yoga, Meditation and Tea) will be 2,5 hours long and will include Satsang whenever necessary. The program will take place in my Home, Yoga Studio and Tea House in Chiang Mai in Thailand.


thailand teehaus


Teacher: Daniel Strausser - our first recommandation for meditation & pranayama
Daniel did visit us for deep yoga & meditation workshops for the last years in Austria, now we are looking forward to go to Daniels yoga and tea house in Thailand. More infos:


tea house garden


Optional you can choose to stay longer: 

To meet your need for flexibility we offer You four different options to enrich yourself with this profound experience this winter; you can join Part I, Part II, a part of Part III or all of them. PART II - 1st Dec to 31st Jan PART III - 1st Feb to 15th of Feb

Part I (Nov) and Part III (Feb) are full day programs. Part II (Dec & Jan) will consist of one three hour yoga and meditation session and then a lunch. After lunch you can enjoy tea in the garden or make use of the studio for self practice until 4pm when we close. Minimum participation during Part II is one week.

In total we offer you the possibility to explore your inner realm safely, in a suitable environment, with methodologies that have stood the test of time for millenniums – with a competent guide - for up to 3 months - and possibly even longer if the lifestyle suits you.

Commitment: Please note that this is not a “yoga holiday” but a rare opportunity to meet, understand and heal yourself with an ancient and lesser known meditative yoga methodology of the Himalayas. If you want to be a tourist we recommend that you do so before or after your participation and that during your training you stay focused on the progressive process that is offered.

Investment: The fee for one of the two week intensives in Nov or Feb is 800€. To join us for one week (minimum) during Dec/Jan cost 200€. This include Yoga, Meditation, Tea and Lunch. If you want to stay longer let us know and together we can find a way together.Not included in the fee is your transportation, accommodation and dinner. Thankfully Chiang Mai is one of the cheapest cities in Southeast Asia to live in and daily transportation from the city centre to the studio can be done for 4€ return (for a full taxi; shared is of course much cheaper) Suitable accommodation can be found from 8€ to 30€ and a dinner from 3€ to 20€. Everything included, the intensive two week opportunities can be done for 1000€, and a week in Dec/Jan for 400€; including everything except your travels to Chiang Mai (estimated, depending on hotels and exchange rate).


yoga meditation in chiang mai


The space for this opportunity has been limited to ensure quality. To participate you simply send us an application, with a brief outline of your experience of yoga, meditation and tea and if/where/when you have practiced with me before. The sooner you apply the greater the chance is that you can join. When we have the required minimum of participants we will inform you so you can buy your tickets. Please do not buy your ticket before we have confirmed

We are not travel agents, but we are here to help you on your journey as much as possible. After receiving your application we can assist you with accommodation, transport, food and activities that suit your budget and desires. We can also help you coordinate your travels with other participants from your country, and recommend the best flights and airlines. Thailand is one of the easiest and safest countries to travel in so there is no need to worry if you are not used to travelling in the region.


All aspirants (regardless of previous experience) who are interested in exploring and cultivating their inner life through Yoga, Meditation and Tea are welcome.





Daniel Strausser


Petra will join the retreat in November as a student of Daniel. 
If you want to contact her (maybe you want to take the same flight ...) you can reach her per email:

Another note: this retreat is perfect for you if you seek to dive deeper into meditation
AND it´s your paradise if you are interested in really good tea.
Quite often yoga philosphy and wisdom can be shared over a cup of tea.
Daniel is a tea master, now producing tea about 90 min north from Chiang Mai and he loves to share his passion. 

You might find out that a tea ceremony can support your yoga and meditation practice a lot. For sure you will experience a lovely time, as we know Daniel with a lot of laughter and happiness. You can take home very supportive yoga techniques for your very personal yoga practice at home. 

tea ceremony with view


Daniel serving tea



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