Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy

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26. Okt 2020
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Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Training
This training is Yoga Alliance approved and I-AYT approved for continuing education credits

As we can´t be sure if Sandy will be able to travel from USA to Austria in October, we will offer this training ONLINE. 
More informations about the online details will follow. 

Trauma is a silent epidemic at the heart of many of the issues we face in society. 
Trauma-informed yoga focuses on moving with ease and breathing with intention as we explore inward and discover how to become our own agents of change. The process of transformation from victim to victor is an inside job and Yoga is a powerful tool for discovering inner strength, flexibility, endurance, balance… and even joy!. 

TIYT Level 1 Earth Module of study is designed to teach trauma-informed care practices as they apply to leading public yoga classes (25 hours of in-person study).

Earth Element (Level 1 training) Amazing Yoga, Vienna, Austria. October 23-26, 2020 (25 classroom hours):
Many people with unresolved trauma use Yoga as part of their healing journey to manage anxiety or stress levels - without realizing that remnants of trauma often surface during a somatic practice like Yoga. Trauma sensitive community yoga classes are more about how yoga is practiced and less about specific poses.

Level 1 training covers trauma informed principles for leading yoga classes while following SAMHSA’s (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, USA) standards for Trauma Informed Care.

  • • how to create a safe space for the practice of yoga
    • Yoga Psychology/Philosophy
    • Yoga Philosophy
    • interpersonal psychology
    • mindfulness
    • ethics & boundaries
    • scope of practice
    • self-care

Slow, intentional movement and breath in an environment that feels safe and supportive allow the student to venture inward, and over time, find a space of peace and calm deep within. Trauma informed yoga instructors learn to recognize when a student is triggered and offer practices that support a return to balance within the autonomic nervous system.

TIYT™ Earth Element curriculum provides:

  1. Education about trauma, how widespread it is and an exploration of the role of a Yoga practice as a potential path for recovery.
  2. Evaluation of what a sense of safety is; requirements and considerations of creating a safe space for a Yoga practice (different for everyone).
  3. Didactic lectures and experiential exercises focused on recognition of signs and symptoms of trauma in students participating in a Yoga class.
  4. Integration of knowledge about trauma into class sequencing, choice of language and other facets of teaching Trauma Informed public Yoga classes.
  5. Facilitate a comprehensive examination of aspects of a Yoga class that:
    a) have a potential to trigger or be problematic in other ways, and how to mitigate that potential.
    b) provide traditional Yoga tools that foster self-regulation on demand.
  6. Methods and procedures that are aimed at actively resisting re-traumatization of students with unresolved trauma.

Friday Oct 23rd: 
14:30-20:30 (1h break)
Saturday Oct 24th: 09:00-18:30 (1,5h break)
Sunday Oct 25th: 08:30-17:45 (1,5h break)
Monday Oct 26th: 08:30-14:30 (1h break)

RYT200 registration/equivalent, current enrollment in a 200-hour yoga teacher training, OR licensed mental health professional with a strong personal yoga practice. 

Yoga Alliance = 25 YACEP credits                                  IAYT = 25 professional development credits

$595USD until 23.08.20 and $650USD after 23.08.20 for 25 contact hours.

After your registration at Petra or directly at Sandy,
you will be sent two documents: health history and refund policy. Once the forms are completed and returned, you will be emailed a PayPal invoice (in USD). Once payment is received, registration is complete. 


For additional information regarding TIYTEarth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether training modules (Level 2 and 3) and a worldwide calendar of scheduled workshops visit

A short overview about your further education possibilites for
TIYT™ Modules of Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Training:              

Level 2 Water Module of study introduces the methodology and science behind trauma informed work, including: polyvagal nerve theory, yoga psychology, stress biology, somatic movement, and mindfulness (25 hours of in-person study).

Level 3 Fire, Air & Ether modules of study are available online for participants to become a TIYT clinical facilitator for the Overcome Anxiety workshop (online study and mentorship).

TIYT has successfully certified hundreds of professionals around the world.
Prerequisites for each program of study can be found on the website. 

Sandy Eimers, RPh, C-IAYT, ERYT500, TIYT

Sandy is a pharmacist and owner of balance yoga lounge in Ankeny, Iowa, USA. She is the principal instructor at balanced breath school of yoga and director of their 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program since 2011. The yoga lounge offers trauma-informed community yoga classes, private yoga therapy, and individual yoga instruction. Sandy is certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapists and works primarily to support individuals weary from over-stimulation, chronic stress, anxiety, and trauma. She has studied and served as a faculty assistant at Kripalu (Stockbridge, Massachusetts) with Joseph LePage, studied somatic movement with Eleanor Criswell Hannah, served as an intern to Joseph LePage in southern Brazil in 2014, and traveled to India in 2018 to study with Dr Balayogi Bhavanani at CYTER in Pondicherry and various respected Indian scholars at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in Lonavala, India. She currently travels throughout the United States and Europe as senior TIYT faculty and the director of TIYT Europe.

Sandy Eimers

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Amazing Yoga Vienna

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